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  Flexible Marquee Cover for Larger Areas  

A - V Custom Image has a versitile range of hexagonal shaped marquees. To these modular square or rectangular marquees can be added directly onto any combination of the six facets making a unique and flexible large area with stunning looks. You will notice from the photos of our work the elegant lines of our marquees both externally and internally. We have designed special features for the UK market to address the ever-changing British weather.

Flexible walling

Under the valance velcro seals the walls to the roof keeping out inclement weather and greatly increasing our marquees heat retention. Likewise we have an interior leg valance that joins each wall to the next wall or gutter downpipe. This means that the metal leg tube is not seen for inside the marquee giving a softer internal look.

A major benefit of our marquees is that any wall is easily slid open (similar to a curtain) or can be quickly removed completely. This allows you to enjoy garden views with the option to quickly fully enclose the marquee again.

Hexagon with sides open Garden party

The majority of our marquees available for hire are white. Additionally you can also have opaque, translucent or mixed roofs. This includes highly opaque black-out roofs suitable for audio-visual presentations and similar.

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 F1 heliport
A series of hexagonal and regular marquees - largest ever heliport VIP feeder built for F1 British Grand Prix.

Linked hexagonal marquees


Standard metric

10mtr x 8.66mtr   9.25ft wall height
(5mtr facets, aluminium tubework)

Layout Examples - Linked

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