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Our canopies and walling options offer a versitile solution to the ever changing English climate! Walls can be easily slid back to achieve the benefits of a canopy, or quickly slid into the enclosed position to offer weather protection. A feature of our marquees is an internal valance that conceals the majority of the eave tubework and also allows the wall to be velcro-sealed onto the canopy, greatly reducing wind ingress and heat loss. This makes our marquees suitable both for summer and winter useage, as well as reducing the cost burden to the clients by lessening the need for an internal lining.

 Sliding soft wall

We continue to address the vageries of the English climate by facilitating a internal vertical leg valance that again allows each wall to be velcro sealed to the next wall or our gutter/joiner. For instance, a 20ft x 20ft marquee would have approaching 80ft of horizontal velcro seal joining the canopy to the wall at the eaves and approaching 32ft of vertical seal joining the walls.

Walling with removable batons can easily slide on the frame either fully/partially open or simply removed completely whilst internal velcro seals from both wall to roof, and wall to wall. Corporate colours and/or logos can be faciliated onto the walls or roofing. They also have internal eyelet strip along the bottom to attach an optional weatherskirt and/or further secure the wall.

Wall with window Plain walls
Wall with door and window

A regular wall is 12oz per sqyd opaque or translucent fabric and all fabric used is flame retardant as per relevant American/Canadian standards.

Included with the walls can be zip-doors and soft windows. We offer window options such as our West Coast Bay double window featuring two clear soft windows (2x 3/4 pane) or walling having a central West Coast Bay Window (1x 3/4 pane) with opening zip doorways/tiebacks on either side. We also have the option of 3/4 pane standard windows.When for private party or corporate/exhibition use, these options will give your function a classic, elegant, airy look.

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